Vex Block Digital Wallet is an alternative to traditional banking
with a better way to spend, save and share your money, fee-free and straight from your mobile

Savings Account

Create savings goals as broad or as specific as you like.

Automated round-ups help you save a little or a lot.

Being smart with your money means you’ll have more of it to spend on the things that matter.VEX WALLET gives you personalized tools to help you reach your goals faster. Spend Trends keeps you on track, providing insight into your spending and saving goals

MAX AI Trading Bot

Self-Criticism leads to smarter trades over time.

MAX AI-Driven Trading Bots are refined over time by feedback mechanisms.

It has reaction and trade execution speeds far quicker than humans could ever hope to achieve.

The profits are calculated with the following assumptions: buy with the ‘open’ price after the pattern appears, and sell with the ‘close’ price of the last day of holding period.

Proof of Stake (PoS)

VBO will only have a total of 186 million coins ever produced.

The VEX Wallet rewards are given at a distribution rate of 5% per year.

This is unlike a centralized fiat currency system where money supply can be increased by human decision. VBO is fostering a strong user driven community by allocating 25% of the total coins produced for Proof-of-Stake rewards.

Core Team

Kevin Olsen

CEO at VEX Capital

Financial Advisor in Zhongjin Gold Corporation,Limited

Erik Huseby

CTO at VEX Capital

Founder at well-known network security solutions company

James Carvosso

COO at VEX Capital

Community Manager at Wenzhou Minshang Bank


Youseff Dee

Expert Advisors(EA) in Forex Trading

Hauke Nissen

Business Development Executive at Celkon

John Fenton

Co-Founder of Cyient

Dominic Hawkins

AAIY Education Co-Chair


Associate Professor of AAIY

Rajesh Johnny

Blockchain Enthusiast

William Logan

Content Creator
Digital Marketer

Jeff Ward

Co-Founder of TenX Capital
Head of Technology

Harald Omacini

Blockchain Architect
Product Manager


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